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The last book of the Bible is very challenging, it is filled with imagery drawn from the rest of scripture.  

The opening verses tell us why it was written “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place” NIV.  The opening chapters are directed to the existing ecclesia's of the time and they were warned about their faults, and encouraged to ready themselves for the trials to come.

The rest of the book then recounts, in symbol, what will take place before the return of Jesus to this earth, the first resurrection of the dead, and the establishment of the millennial kingdom on this earth.

The continuous historic method does not mean that chapter 2 follows chapter 1 and chapter 3 follows chapter 2 etc. Instead we are given an explanation of a process with an end result, which is then expanded upon and explained. So just like the picture above of an old style mariners telescope, Revelation continually expands on a previous section.

This page is an attempt to help the reader to understand the message and at what point humanity has arrived at in this process.  The downloads are drawn from some old books, so the style and presentation of language is different to what we are used to today, but the message and explanations are still relevant.

 The main body of the explanation can be found in the Eureka volumes 2 chapter 10; 3 chapter 14 & 16, and also The Exposition of Daniel sections 18, 25 and 26.

There are links to other websites and publications which have more up to date material.

Eureka Volume 1

Eureka Volume 2

Eureka Volume 3

Exposition of Daniel


The Resurrection

A House of Prayer

The time of the end

Christ on earth again

Russia, The Vatican and the invasion of Israel

Time Chart

This is in excel, it is recommend to be printed on A3 paper

The interpretation of Revelation

A Synopsis

The Millenary Week

The Last Days

16 Papers on The Revelation

Apocalypse for Every Man

Thirteen Lectures on The Apocalypse

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