Leicester Christadelphians

The Christadelphian's are a religious group who base our beliefs wholly on the Bible, regarding it as fully inspired by God, and hence believe it is error free. The name "Christadelphian" was first used in the mid-1800's, but we believe that there have been people who share our beliefs throughout history. We are confidently waiting for Christ to return to earth when he will set up the Kingdom of God.

We believe that:

The Bible is God's inspired revelation

The Bible is a revelation of Gods purpose given through chosen men who were guided by His Spirit.  It is therefore an infallible and authoritive expression of his will for man. 

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The only way to understand God is by what is revealed in the bible

The Bible reveals God to be the Creator and Sustainer of  all things. He dwells in the heavens in unapproachable light.  He is all powerful, all wise, a God of love, mercy, holiness, righteousness, and truth.  God is a unity.  

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The Spirit of God is the means by which God's commands are carried out

The Spirit of God is His power by which He sustains creation, is everywhere present, and reveals and fulfils His will.  The Holy Spirit is the same power of God directed to fulfil any special purpose, as in  His redeeming  work Thus by the Holy Spirit God's revelation was made through the prophets: by the Holy Spirit Jesus was begotten and enabled to do his mighty works and speak the Father's words: by it the apostles were guided into all troth and were able to attest their message by wonderful works.  Special  gifts of the Holy Spirit were granted in the early church, and by the Holy Spirit God dwelt among the believers.  

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Jesus Christ is the Son of God

Jesus  Christ,  the  only  begotten Son of God, was born of the virgin Mary. He was raised up a last Adam, born of our nature, tempted as we are, yet without sin, to remove by his obedience, death and resurrection, all the evils resulting from the disobedience of the first Adam.  Death which sin brought into the world could only be conquered by the conquest of sin itself. This, man himself could not achieve. The death of Jesus was an act of loving obedience to God by which we may have forgiveness of our sins and be reconciled to God, the sinless life of Jesus making him conqueror over sin, an effective offering for sin, and ensuring his triumph  over  death  by  resurrection. God revealed His love in providing him as a Saviour .  

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Judgment and Salvation by Jesus Christ at his return to the earth

Jesus was raised from death on the third day, bringing life and immortality to light. Exalted to his Fathers right hand he is alive for evermore, and pleads the cause of his people as their High Priest and Mediator.  At the time appointed God is to send His Son to the earth again in power and great glory, to judge the living and the dead, and to establish upon earth a universal and abiding Kingdom. 

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Humans - mortal and sinful

A creature of dust, man is mortal: that is, subject to death or dissolution of being, in consequence of the disobedience of Adam which brought death as the penalty of sin. In the death state a man is a body deprived of life, and is as utterly unconscious as if he had never existed. His dead body corruption will presently destroy.  Immortality is not inherent in man, but is the gift of God, made available through the work of Jesus Christ His Son to all who truly believe and follow his example.  "want to know more click here"

The earth is the final destination of humanity

The earth is the destined sphere of the activity of Gods people, when made immortal.  It follows also of necessity that the once popular theory of hell as a place of eternal torments, is untrue. The original unspoilt meaning of "hell" was an unseen or covered place. "Hell" in the Bible often means the grave. At the return of Jesus Christ he will invest the righteous with immortality in his kingdom, but will commit the wicked to destruction. 

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The devil is not a supernatural entity

The devil is not a supernatural person but a personification of sin in its various manifestations - individual, social and political.  The Bible term Satan means simply "adversary" and is used of human beings.  

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The promises of God revealed in the Bible tell us of a future eternal kingdom to be established on the earth

When Abraham's descendants had become fully established as Gods Kingdom in the land of Palestine and David ruled over them, God revealed His purpose concerning the future of mankind. A descendant of David who would also be the Son of God should reign on David's restored and glorified throne for ever.

The heir to David's throne is Jesus Christ.

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The Jews and the Land of Israel

The unique character of the Kingdom of God was further revealed through the ministry of the prophets.  "Salvation is of the Jews", Jesus said. The Kingdom to be established is so far rooted in Gods dealings with the Jews in the past, that it is described as the Kingdom of Israel restored, enlarged and perfected.  

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Jerusalem to be the capital of the future Kingdom of God

Jerusalem, rebuilt and glorified, will become the metropolis of God's Kingdom which will embrace all nations.The Kingdom of God will be a visible, irresistible and everlasting dominion to be established on earth in the place of all existing kingdoms for the purpose of subjecting, blessing and perfecting the world.  

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Baptism by total immersion is essential for salvation

Repentance from past sin, error or indifference.  Baptism for the remission of sins.  This baptism as an act of faith unites the believer with Jesus Christ, the Saviour through a symbolic burial by immersion in water he is identified with Christ's death and resurrection.  Union with Christ involves a life devoted to God's service in love to Him and to one's neighbour.

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A new life of separation from sin and of dedication to the worship of God

The first-day remembrance of the Lord's saving death and resurrection in the breaking of bread with those of like precious faith; the letting of the light of the Gospel shine in word and deed.  The witness of Scripture, foretelling departure from the truth and calling men and women who believe, to be separate " in the world" but "not of the world".

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